2020 Common Riding

A full programme of events for Hawick Common Riding 2020 is now available on our website. Please click here for full details.

Message from Chairman, Ex-Cornet John Hogg

❝Teries, yin and a’

Tonight we should have been electing our Cornet for 2020, however this can’t happen, with the health and wellbeing of all our townsfolk taking priority.

Our thoughts go to those who have lost loved ones and to those currently unwell – may you make a speedy recovery.

We express our grateful thanks to the NHS, carers, key workers and volunteers and give special thanks to those coming from Hawick and keeping our own townsfolk safe and well…❞

Please click here for full message.

A message from Rev. Alistair Cook, on what would have been Kirking Sunday.

Friday night would have seen the 1514 Club Dinner. We have some photos for you from 1976-2019. Enjoy!

Usually tonight at 7pm, on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in May, the Halberdier would be leaving the Town Hall accompanied by the Drum and Fife Band, with a letter for the Cornet Elect. This year the band are in their own homes and have put together this special video.

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