Message from Chairman

❝Teries, yin and a’

Tonight we should have been electing our Cornet for 2020, however this can’t happen, with the health and wellbeing of all our townsfolk taking priority.

Our thoughts go to those who have lost loved ones and to those currently unwell – may you make a speedy recovery.

We express our grateful thanks to the NHS, carers, key workers and volunteers and give special thanks to those coming from Hawick and keeping our own townsfolk safe and well.

Nothing can replace our Common-Riding celebrations, but the Common-Riding Committee felt compelled to mark our Common-Riding nonetheless in a safe and appropriate manner.  As part of our Programme of Events over the coming weeks, we have organized three virtual concerts.  These will be held on what would be Chase Night, the Overseas Night and the Colour Bussing.  You’ll hear songs from the wealth of talent we are so lucky to call our own, both young and not so young alike.  There will also be guest appearances from local dignitaries and a host of other events.

Keep an eye on our website for our full Programme, and in The Hawick Paper.  We hope you will enjoy being entertained, and you’ll look back with fond memories on Common-Ridings of yore.

Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO Chairman Ex-Cornet John Hogg

A vast amount of work has gone into marking our Common Riding virtually for this year and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following:

  • My fellow members of Hawick Common Riding Committee
  • Ex-Cornets & Ex-Acting Fathers’ Association
  • Ex-Cornets Lasses & Acting Mothers’ Association
  • The Callants Club
  • The Bright-Eyed Daughters
  • The Mosstroopers
  • The 1514 Club

Special mention must also go to Lesley Fraser, Ronald Yule, Cammy Reith, Alan Brydon, Graeme Tinlin and Judith Murray for all their work.  Thank you all.

2020 is a special year for some – and our congratulations and best wishes go to Ex-Cornet Lee Matthews and his Lass Angela celebrating 25 years, along with their Acting Father & Mother, Phil and Moira Nichol.

Sadly our 50-year Cornet, Ex-Cornet Ronnie Gibson is no longer with us however our congratulations go to his Lass, Vivienne Robertson.  Their Acting Father & Mother were the late Wattie & Joey Scott of the Newton.

And celebrating a great milestone is our 60-year Cornet & Lass, Ex-Cornet Jed Huggan & his wife Irene.

We hope you will all find some way to celebrate and reminisce on the great times had in your terms of office.

Teries, I hope you will enjoy our programme of events over the coming weeks but I’d like at this point, to ask on behalf of the Common-Riding Committee that you continue to adhere to government guidelines, and in particular respect our farmers and preserve our future ride-outs and refrain from walking any ride-out routes and entering farmland.

Hawick townsfolk have always rallied roond in times of need.  Look after yourself, look after your loved ones and God willing, we’ll meet next year on the western heather.

For now, stay safe, stay well.❞

Hawick Common Riding Committee Chairman, Ex-Cornet John Hogg